ClayLinks® Kits


ClayLinks®, the forever handprint kit, is a convenient way to make a lasting keepsake print of a loved one's hand or foot.  Learn more about ClayLinks® Kits in our About ClayLinks® Kits section.


Each ClayLinks® Kit includes one patty of specially-formulated modeling compound in Soft White clay. You may need to use more than one clay patty to make your print. Visit our Getting Started page to determine how many kits to order.


Note: Clay must be kneaded before print-making and then baked to make the print permanent.


Your ClayLinks® Kit includes:


  • One clay patty made from our proprietary soft white modeling compound.

  • A 6" x 9" plastic storage bag that can be used as a take-home container for the finished print.

  • An instructional insert, with tips on print-making, baking and decorating, as well as customer service contact information.

See below for quantity discount pricing and shipping information.


Made in the USA

Soft White ClayLinks® Kits

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