Ink Pads for Preemie Prints


Sometimes with premature births and other special cases, it is not possible to get a deep or detailed impression of a hand or foot in clay. During situations like these, our Ink Pads for Preemie Prints can be used with our ClayLinks® Clay to get a defined impression.

We've selected this particular ink because it is non-toxic and child-safe. It is also acid-free and washes off skin well (please note some colors may require more than one washing). In our experiments, the ink works well with our particular formula of clay and is even smudge-proof and water-resistant after it has dried completely and is baked.

This ink is available in blue and pink if gender denotation is desired or black, purple, and green for gender-neutral options.

Hampton Art Ultra Washable Ink Pads conform to ASTM D4236 standards for testing of art materials and are:

  • Child Safe and Non-Toxic

  • Suitable for low temperature baking

  • Permanent on prints (after heat set) but washes off skin
    Please note some colors require more than one washing​​

All inks are likely to fade with time. Please keep finished prints away from direct sunlight.

See below for pricing and shipping information.


Black Ink Pad for Preemie Prints

Item#: CWIBLK $2.95/each

Blue Ink Pad for Preemie Prints

Item#: CWIBLU $2.95/each

Pink Ink Pad for Preemies Prints

Item#: CWIPNK $2.95/each

Green Ink Pad for Preemie Prints

Item#: CWIGRN $2.95/each

Purple Ink Pad for Preemie Prints

Item#: CWIPPL $2.95/each

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