Keepsake Bags
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Keepsake Bags

Keepsake Bags are the perfect way to present baked and finished ClayLinks® prints to families. Our 6" x 9" solid color organza bags are available in Burgundy, Bronze, Navy Blue, or Cream and are packaged with 10 bags in each pack.

NOTE: Unbaked clay may leave an oily residue on the Keepsake Bags. We recommend only using with baked prints.

For larger prints, try our 8" x 12" Large Keepsake Bags.


See below for quantity discount pricing and shipping information.


Burgundy Keepsake Bags

Item#: CWKB10 $9.95/10 pack
(10 or more 10 packs  $9.45/10 pack)

Bronze Keepsake Bags

Item#: CWKB10BR  $9.95/10 pack
(10 or more 10 packs  $9.45/10 pack)

Navy Blue Keepsake Bags

Item#: CWKB10B  $9.95/10 pack
(10 or more 10 packs  $9.45/10 pack)

Cream Keepsake Bags

Item#: CWKB10C  $9.95/10 pack

(10 or more 10 packs  $9.45/10 pack)