Maroon Heart Mold

Maroon Heart Mold

Use with ONE clay patty.

Large Green Heart Mold

Large Green Heart Mold

Use with TWO clay patties.

Heart Molds Combo

Heart Molds Combo

ClayLinks® Heart Molds with Patty Pad

Lay the Patty Pad flat on a clipboard, counter top or table and you'll have the perfect surface for print-making. Knead the clay, place it between the covers of the Patty Pad and press. Wipe clean and use again.

Use the included Heart Mold to shape our modeling compound into a perfect heart. ClayLinks® prints in the shape of a heart symbolize the bonds between loved ones. Use the Maroon Heart Mold (4 3/8" wide by 3 3/8" tall) with one clay patty for small prints or the Large Green Heart Mold (6" wide by 5" tall) with two clay patties for larger prints.

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Patty Pad with Maroon Heart Mold

for use with ONE clay patty (not included)

Item#: CWPPH  $5.50/each

Patty Pad with Large Green Heart Mold

for use with TWO clay patties (not included)

Item#: CWPPHL  $6.00/each

Patty Pad with Heart Molds Combo

Item#: CWPPHC  $10.50/each