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ClayLinks® Kits are a convenient way to make a lasting keepsake of a loved one's hand. When used in cooperation with skilled  bereavement care, ClayLinks® prints can be a valued part of memorializing beloved family members who have died. ClayLinks® prints are tangible symbols of your commitment to delivering high-quality grief support when families need it the most. 

Below you'll find many resources to assist you and your staff in integrating ClayLinks® prints into your bereavement support protocol. If you don't see what you need, please let us know what additional resources would be helpful to you!

Forms and Handouts
Who uses ClayLinks® Kits?

Justification Letter to Your Supervisor


Download and print this two-page letter in order to make the case to your supervisor to integrate making ClayLinks® Prints into your bereavement support protocol.

Download the letter here!

If we can help make the case in another way, please let us know! 

Who uses ClayLinks® Kits?

ClayLinks® Prints Request and Permission Form 


Download, modify as desired, and print this form so families can request a ClayLinks® print of their loved one and give permission that the print is made by your staff.

Download this form here!

Who uses ClayLinks® Kits?

CaringWisdom® Supply Tracker


Download and print this supply tracker in order to mark what supplies you are running low on. Use this form to remember what you need to add to your next order.

Download this form here!

Who uses ClayLinks® Kits?

Printable Instructional Chart


Download and print this easy to follow instructional chart to post wherever ClayLinks® Prints are made.

Download this handout here!

Who uses ClayLinks® Kits?

Printable "How to Make a ClayLinks® Print" Instructional Video Slides


Download and print the printer-friendly slides that correspond with our "How to Make a ClayLinks® Print" Instructional Video.


TIP: Using the printing options, you can choose to print one or multiple slides per page. Hand them out at a staff training so staff members can take notes as they watch our instructional video and try out the techniques themselves. 

Our video can be viewed from our homepage or directly from YouTube at

Download the printer-friendly slides here!

Spanish Instructions CW.png

Printable ClayLinks® Print Baking Instructions in Spanish


Download and print the Spanish version of the instructions for baking that is included in each kit and also on our Take & Bake Container.

Download this handout here!

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