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Combo Stamp Kit

Stamping Tools

Personalize your ClayLinks® prints with these easy to use Alphabet, Numbers, and Heart Stamp Kits. A gentle press before baking is all it takes to add names, dates and a heartfelt touch to your ClayLinks® prints.

Originally purposed for use with leather, the 1/4" Alphabet Set, 1/4" Number Set and the heart Craftool™ from Tandy Leather Factory work wonderfully in clay. Each kit is available individually.


Alternatively, you may be interested in our Add-On Stamping ClayLinks® Prints Kit which also includes a Writing Tools Storage Container.

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Alphabet Stamp Kit

Item#: CWSKABC $24.95/each

Numbers Stamp Kit

Item#: CWSK123 $14.95/each

Heart Stamp

Item#: CWSKH $9.95/each