ClayLinks® Baby Hand and Footprint Kits


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Caring for grieving families takes more than knowledge and skill. It takes wisdom. The kind of wisdom that comes from experience.


Experienced bereavement professionals know that personal mementos, called linking objects, help grieving families feel deeply connected to their loved ones who have died. ClayLinks® Kits, the signature product of our CaringWisdom® line, provide a quick, affordable way for you to create this kind of memento.


Gather family members together and help them make and decorate prints or, if they prefer, create handprints for them. Either option creates a deeply healing experience in the midst of a very difficult time.


Families don't return home empty handed when you make ClayLinks® prints immediately following a death. Instead, they leave with treasured keepsakes, feeling forever connected to their loved one and to the compassionate care they received from you.

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“Our NICU staff is so grateful for your CaringWisdom's® ClayLinks® Kits. The tiny foot and handprints we make for families who lose a precious child offer more comfort than you can imagine. And making these keepsakes takes very little of our time. Thank you for letting us know about your clay and all of your heartfelt decorations!”


-- Kelly Housel, BSN, RNC-MNN, CLC, Nurse Navigator, Women & Family Department, Poudre Valley Hospital: University of Colorado North in Fort Collins, CO - Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence.

Who Uses ClayLinks® Kits?

  • NICU Nurses

  • Child Life Specialists

  • Pediatric/Perinatal Hospice and Palliative Care Teams

  • Bereavement and End-of-Life Support Professionals

  • Labor and Delivery

  • Nurses/Midwives and Doulas

  • Emergency Doctors and Nurses 

  • Hospital Social Workers

  • Hospital Chaplains

  • Hospice Nurses and Volunteers

  • Funeral Directors and Crematory Staff


"ClayLinks® Kits are receiving HIGH praise from staff and families. We have had nothing but positive responses. The staff have been very proud of their finished products and proud to present them to families they have grown so close to. This has NOT always been the case with other products we've used. Thank you!"


-- Pam Muncaster-Ney, RNC, BA, BSN, Staff Nurse II, Perinatal-Child Loss Bereavement Support Team Coord. & Committee Chair, Poudre Valley Hospital, University of Colorado North, Fort Collins, CO - Magnet Hospital for Nursing Excellence.

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How to Make a ClayLinks® Print

In this video, you'll learn how to make a ClayLinks® print using our tested print-making system.


Learn how to:


  • Prepare the clay (00:18)

  • Make the impression (01:15)

  • Decorate the print (02:00)

  • Bake the print (02:55)

  • Finish for presentation (3:52) 


For additonal information...

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Enlarge video to full screen to better read instructions.

CaringWisdom™ | Forget-Me-Nots Heart

“We have been using ClayLinks® Kits in our bereavement memory-making tool kits. It has truly been meaningful to families. The stamps as well as the birthstones have added a new level to what we can offer. Our prints have made many family members smile in hard times. ClayLinks® prints are also simple enough that when the Child Life staff (who usually do memory making with families) are not around, our other staff members are able to offer these opportunities to families. ClayLinks® Kits are quickly turning into one of our favorites."

-- Holly Legere, MS, CCLS, Children's Hospital at Providence, Anchorage, Alaska

Get Set Up to Start Using ClayLinks® Kits with Our Memory-Making Kits

Our Memory-Making Kits have all the components you need to get started using ClayLinks® Kits in your workplace all contained in convenient, portable, durable storage containers. Simply choose between the Essentials and Deluxe versions. Compare contents here!

ClayLinks® Essentials Memory-Making Kit


  • 1 Essentials Storage Container

  • 6 ClayLinks® Kits

  • 1 FREE Demo Print

  • Basic tools and accessories

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Essentials Memory-Making Kit

Item#: CWMME $79.95

ClayLinks® Deluxe Memory-Making Kit


  • 1 Deluxe Storage Container

  • 12 ClayLinks® Kits

  • 1 FREE Demo Print

  • All Add-Ons except the Baking Kit and
    Take & Bake Containers

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Deluxe Memory-Making Kit

Item#: CWMMD $299.95