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Caring for grieving families takes more than knowledge and skill. It takes wisdom. The kind of wisdom that comes from experience. Experienced bereavement professionals know that personal mementos, called linking objects, help grieving families feel deeply connected to their loved ones who have died. ClayLinks® Kits, the signature product of our CaringWisdom® line, provide a quick, affordable way for you to create this kind of memento.

Families don’t return home empty handed when you help them make a ClayLinks print immediately following a death. Instead, they leave with treasured keepsakes, feeling forever connected to their loved one and to the compassionate care they received from you. Learn more about our ClayLinks Kits.

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New Product Available!

Introducing a brand-new way to easily decorate ClayLinks Kits! Our selection of Artist Markers are the best markers to use on baked ClayLinks Clay. Once dry, the colors are smudge-proof and won’t fade, bleed, or change tone over time like ink from other types of permanent markers. Easily write names, dates or create beautiful designs with these metallic and black ink markers!

The Metallic Artist Marker 6-pack includes Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green, Blue, and Berry metallic colors. The Black Artist Marker is sold individually.

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How to Make a ClayLinks® Print Instructional Video

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a ClayLinks print using our tested print-making system. Learn how to:

  • Prepare the clay (00:18)
  • Make the impression (01:15)
  • Decorate the print (02:00)
  • Bake the print (02:55)
  • Finish for presentation (3:52)

For additional information, view our Printable Instructional ClayLinks Chart or visit our FAQ section.

TIP: Enlarge video to full screen to better read instructions.

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