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About CaringWisdom®

World by the Tail, Inc., is our parent company and brings you our CaringWisdom® line of bereavement support products. Our signature CaringWisdom® product is ClayLinks®, the forever handprint kit. We created ClayLinks® Kits to honor the bonds between families and their loved ones.

Our work lends a healing touch to the delivery of bereavement care. We call this approach CaringWisdom®

Wisdom is a blend of skills, knowledge, and attitudes learned from experience. Wisdom is heartfelt. Wisdom is personal. Wisdom is what makes you you. As a bereavement care provider, your own brand of wisdom can endear you to grieving families and imbue you with a certain healing touch.

We consulted with dozens of dedicated healers --- NICU nurses, chaplains, funeral home directors, and crisis intervention counselors --- as we developed our CaringWisdom® products. The results represent what we learned from you—the experienced bereavement care provider. We put your wisdom about providing comfort after death into each CaringWisdom® product we offer. We know our products will help you create tangible, loving "links" between families and the loved ones whom they've lost.

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About World by the Tail, Inc.


Mission and Vision 

World by the Tail, Inc., is our parent company. In addition to our work in the healthcare and funeral care communities, World by the Tail, Inc., also provides keepsake products and resources to the veterinary medical field. Whether you work with people or pets, World by the Tail, Inc., honors the emotional power of family bonds.

Love. Gratitude. Grief. These powerful feelings are essential and universal parts of lives shared with others. Emotions are meant to be shared and healed. So, if you are a physician, nurse, funeral home director, hospital chaplain, hospice worker, bereavement counselor or other mental health professional, World by the Tail, Inc., exists to support your efforts to bring a healing touch to your caregiving.

It's our mission to provide you with products that help you deal with the more difficult times in life---like premature births or deaths of infants, the stress and separation anxiety that comes with hospice care or long-term hospitalizations, and the final good-byes that occur while making arrangements for funeral care. We believe our keepsake products help you capture the love between families and their loved ones and preserve that love for them forever.


Business Philosophy

At World by the Tail, Inc., we work hard to contribute to a sense of community, rather than competition. While we want to be a successful small business, we also want to be a responsive resource. We want you, our customers, to feel like you have found a home with us. Therefore, if you have a question, suggestion, concern, or complaint, we want to hear from you! Creating a high level of job satisfaction for our employees and providing high quality customer service are our highest priorities.

We contribute to our local community in important ways. Many of World by the Tail, Inc.'s products are packaged by Foothills Gateway, an organization that provides jobs for those who are mentally and physically disabled. We also donate a portion of our profits to grief support programs. Finally, when we are able, we donate up to three ClayLinks® Kits per event to non-profit groups who sponsor fund-raising events to benefit a bereavement-related program.


Business Goals

Our business goals lend a healing touch to the delivery of bereavement care, especially during end-of-life support. We call this approach CaringWisdom®.  CaringWisdom® is our featured product line and ClayLinks® Kits is our signature product. Our primary goal is to provide products that help you, the bereavement care provider, create tangible, loving "links" between families and the loved ones whom they've lost, especially during end-of-life care. 


Meet the Owners and Staff

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Laurel Lagoni

I am a co-owner and the CEO/CCO at World by the Tail, Inc. Previously, I provided grief education and support at Colorado State University's James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital. My favorite part of working at World by the Tail, Inc., is knowing that our ClayLinks® prints bring tremendous comfort to grieving families. I'm also inspired by the NICU nurses, bereavement counselors, chaplains, funeral directors, hospice workers, and mental health professionals I've worked with while developing the CaringWisdom® product line. These folks devote their professional lives to making other peoples' lives better. Whether they are extending life or helping it end peacefully and painlessly, they rise to meet every need. I feel privileged to contribute to their work in my own small way.  See Laurel's full bio.

Debby Morehead

I am a co-owner and the COO/CFO at World by the Tail, Inc. Previously, I was the Associate Director of Development for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. In my husband's veterinary practice, I have seen firsthand how the end stages of relationships affect both families and the medical staff. 
My favorite part of working at World by the Tail, Inc., is the overall feeling of satisfaction and pride. Most small businesses fail but we have made it -- no small accomplishment! I love what our business sells, how we sell it, that we provide jobs others enjoy, that we support
Foothills Gateway, and that we have brightened the lives of many people, often at a very sad time. See Debby's full bio.

Lora (Morehead) Kerr

I am the Director of Business Operations at World by the Tail, Inc. World by the Tail, Inc. has been in my family from the beginning. My mom, Debby Morehead, is a co-owner of the business. It has been so inspiring to watch the company grow and I am so happy that I can now be a part of it. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful company!

Prior to working at World by the Tail, Inc., I was the Communications Manager for Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, Colorado.  My husband, Matt and I have three children, our daughter, Ellie and twins, Hannah and Adam, who we joyfully welcomed in March 2016.  They are our sunshine. We also have two very spoiled dogs that we love dearly, Bella and Max.

Bryn (Lagoni) Frisina

As the Director of Business Development at World by the Tail, Inc., I feel very grateful to be  part of the management of this amazing company. My mother, Laurel, is a co-owner and has been my biggest mentor to date. My dad, Pete, sister, Kaia, and cousin, Julie, work here, too! This company, and everyone who works here, truly feel like family whether related or not.

I love knowing that our company has helped to provide comfort to countless people across the country and the world with ClayLinks® and ClayPaws® prints. It is my personal mission to be sure we continue to create and supply high-quality products that make it easy and convenient for those in the caring professions to provide effective, compassionate care to their clients.

Pete Lagoni

I joined World by the Tail, Inc., in 2009 after 20+ years working in corporate America at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies. Even though I sometimes miss the 'computer world' and the opportunities I had to travel and manage teams of great people, it's great to work in a smaller company where the stress level and communication challenges are easier to live with!

I am the Director of IT & Production. While my background and current job title isn't directly related to human services, I am committed to helping people whenever I can. I like that ClayLinks® prints mean so much to so many and I feel good about the products we put out into the world. My favorite part of my job is talking with our customers. I enjoy solving any problems that arise and feel good that our company is willing to put our customers' needs first.

Tammi Sullivan

I am the Purchasing Manager for World by the Tail, Inc. I also find it fun to be a "jack of all trades" and help out in other areas of the business, like shipping, when I can.


Before coming to work here, I spent time in the military.

My favorite part about working at World by the Tail, Inc. is the opportunity to work with such authentically compassionate folks who truly care about people. Oh, and I love WAFFLE DAY!

Susan Goldman

I am the Fulfillment Coordinator at World by the Tail, Inc.  I pack and ship your orders to you. I also help keep track of our inventory.

I am also a wife and a mother to one son. This job fits my needs very well as it allows me to meet my responsibilities on a flexible schedule.

My favorite part about working at World by the Tail, Inc. is knowing we provide such meaningful products and services. There is a great philosophy behind this business and it is reflected in how the business is run, as well as in how everyone who works here treats each other and our customers.  Everyone here is so fun and caring.

Marti Zehler

I am the Product Packaging Coordinator at World by the Tail, Inc. I package all of our ClayLinks® Prints Accessory Kits. It's my job to make sure we always have all of our products ready to send to you when you order!

I am happy to be part of World by the Tail, Inc., because the part time hours suit me perfectly. I usually work in the mornings and leave the office around noon.

I am wife to Rick and mother to two grown sons. My favorite part about working at World by the Tail, Inc., is the people. This is a great group to work with and everyone is very understanding about my desire to keep flexible hours.


Jackie Devine

I am the Clay Studio Manager and my primary job is to hand make all the decorative clay charms used to personalize your prints.


I am also a registered nurse and have worked in numerous pediatric settings prior to joining World by the Tail, Inc. full time.  I love working here and having a part in creating treasured keepsakes for our customers!  


My free time is spent with my husband, three kids, a dog and two cats. 


Julie Hovland

I am so grateful to be working at World by the Tail, Inc.  I am responsible for CaringWisdom® Customer Relations and I also help make our decorative charms. Laurel and Pete are my aunt and uncle, so it is a great pleasure to be working with them and my cousin Bryn! I feel that ClayLinks® Prints help to fill the void that is left when you lose a loved one, and the love and care of the people I work with is so evident. 


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids.  We also have a dog named Lucy and she brings such joy to our family.  My favorite part about working at World By the Tail, Inc. is the caring and fun people.


JoEllen Linderer

I am the Office and Customer Relations Manager for World by the Tail, Inc. I look forward to talking to customers and I’m committed to providing the best solutions possible to fill orders and answer questions. My favorite part of working at World by the Tail is being part of the springtime baby goat “nanny service.” Sometimes Tammi needs to bottle feed orphans from her herd and brings them to the office. When they are young, they’re content to lay on my lap. Listen closely when you call us and you may hear one bleating in the background!

Prior to joining Team Tail, I spent 25 years as an administrative assistant at Colorado State University. Most of those years were spent working for the Director of Development in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. I live in Fort Collins with my son, Ethan, and our dog Zoey.

Amy Ebert

I became a member of “Team Tail” in August 2015 after moving to Fort Collins from Upstate New York.  I am so happy to be here! World by the Tail is such a welcoming and forward-thinking company! It is like I’ve just gained a brand new family.

My role at WBTT is still evolving. I began by learning the ins and outs of the Charms Studio—where all those cute, colorful clay hearts you use to decorate your ClayLinks® prints are created, by hand!!  Now, in addition to helping out with charms, I’m spreading my wings into Customer Service. Additionally, I assist with the creation and development of some of our educational and marketing materials and I manage many of our social media outlets.

I live in Fort Collins with my son and my menagerie of pets—two cats and a dog!

Ethan Linderer
I am the Shipping Floater at World by the Tail, Inc. So, I get to do something different almost everyday. I may be the one shipping or packing your order or I may have put together the kits of ribbons or charms that you receive. Wherever I'm needed, I am happy to jump in and help! It's great to have a job that allows me to wear a hoodie to work everyday!

Before joining Team Tail, I worked for a company in Florida in their Receiving Department. In my free time, you'll often find me playing video games or hanging out with my dog.

Kaia Lagoni

I have been involved in World by the Tail, Inc. since it first began. Growing up, I spent many summers shipping, making charms, and helping with the various marketing mailings we do. My mother, Laurel, is a co-owner and my dad, Pete; my sister, Bryn; and my cousin, Julie, work here as well. I am so excited and grateful to have joined the team and to be able to work with my family and the other amazing employees that work here!

I am the Conference Coordinator and help to keep the website up to date and running smoothly. I grew up with 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 guinea pigs and they all showed me how unconditional a pet’s love is. I am very happy to be working with a company that honors that bond.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and exploring all that Colorado has to offer with my rescue dog, Quinn!