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About CaringWisdom®

World by the Tail, Inc., is our parent company and brings you our CaringWisdom® line of bereavement support products. Our signature CaringWisdom® product is ClayLinks®, the forever handprint kit. We created ClayLinks® Kits to honor the bonds between families and their loved ones.

Our work lends a healing touch to the delivery of bereavement care. We call this approach CaringWisdom®

Wisdom is a blend of skills, knowledge, and attitudes learned from experience. Wisdom is heartfelt. Wisdom is personal. Wisdom is what makes you you. As a bereavement care provider, your own brand of wisdom can endear you to grieving families and imbue you with a certain healing touch.

We consulted with dozens of dedicated healers --- NICU nurses, chaplains, funeral home directors, and crisis intervention counselors --- as we developed our CaringWisdom® products. The results represent what we learned from you—the experienced bereavement care provider. We put your wisdom about providing comfort after death into each CaringWisdom® product we offer. We know our products will help you create tangible, loving "links" between families and the loved ones whom they've lost.

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About World by the Tail, Inc.


Mission and Vision 

World by the Tail, Inc., is our parent company. In addition to our work in the healthcare and funeral care communities, World by the Tail, Inc., also provides keepsake products and resources to the veterinary medical field. Whether you work with people or pets, World by the Tail, Inc., honors the emotional power of family bonds.

Love. Gratitude. Grief. These powerful feelings are essential and universal parts of lives shared with others. Emotions are meant to be shared and healed. So, if you are a physician, nurse, funeral home director, hospital chaplain, hospice worker, bereavement counselor or other mental health professional, World by the Tail, Inc., exists to support your efforts to bring a healing touch to your caregiving.

It's our mission to provide you with products that help you deal with the more difficult times in life---like premature births or deaths of infants, the stress and separation anxiety that comes with hospice care or long-term hospitalizations, and the final good-byes that occur while making arrangements for funeral care. We believe our keepsake products help you capture the love between families and their loved ones and preserve that love for them forever.


Business Philosophy

At World by the Tail, Inc., we work hard to contribute to a sense of community, rather than competition. While we want to be a successful small business, we also want to be a responsive resource. We want you, our customers, to feel like you have found a home with us. Therefore, if you have a question, suggestion, concern, or complaint, we want to hear from you! Creating a high level of job satisfaction for our employees and providing high quality customer service are our highest priorities.

We contribute to our local community in important ways. Many of World by the Tail, Inc.'s products are packaged by Foothills Gateway, an organization that provides jobs for those who are mentally and physically disabled. We also donate a portion of our profits to grief support programs. Finally, when we are able, we donate up to three ClayLinks® Kits per event to non-profit groups who sponsor fund-raising events to benefit a bereavement-related program.


Business Goals

Our business goals lend a healing touch to the delivery of bereavement care, especially during end-of-life support. We call this approach CaringWisdom®.  CaringWisdom® is our featured product line and ClayLinks® Kits is our signature product. Our primary goal is to provide products that help you, the bereavement care provider, create tangible, loving "links" between families and the loved ones whom they've lost, especially during end-of-life care. 

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