Privacy Policy

World by the Tail, Inc. certifies that we will never sell, rent, or lease your details (name, address, email, etc.) to any other third party.

In order to place an order with World by the Tail, Inc. all information requested must be provided at the time of order. This information is necessary to keep track of individual accounts and to contact the user when necessary.

Financial information collected such as credit card number and expiration date is used only to charge the customer for the service or product they are purchasing. It will never be given to any third party (other than the credit card authorization center).

World by the Tail, Inc. offers several opt-in email and newsletter services. Members can unsubscribe from these at their will.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, the practices of this site, or any of World by the Tail, Inc. services, please send your comments to: or call us at 1.800.248.2820 

The Staff at World by the Tail, Inc.

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