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ClayLinks® Take & Bake Containers

One of the key distinctions between ClayLinks® Clay and other modeling compounds used for memory-making is that our clay is finished (cured) by baking it. Our proprietary, ClayLinks® Clay creates a lasting memento that, when baked, will not shrink, crack or curl over time.

From our talks with you, we know baking is not always easily accomplished at your workplaces. We’ve developed a solution with our Take & Bake Container! When the situation is appropriate, you can easily have a family take home an unbaked ClayLinks® Print. This allows families to decorate their print with other family members at home and bake when the time is right.


To use:

  • Place an unbaked ClayLinks® print in the container.

  • Cover the print with the lid for safe transport home with your clients.

  • The ClayLinks® print can be baked in the very same container!

  • Baking directions are conveniently affixed to each cover.

10 containers and lids with instructions per package. Also available in BULK packages of 50.

*Please do not send unbaked prints through the mail. Lids MUST be removed before baking.

See below for pricing and shipping information.

ClayLinks® Take & Bake Containers

Item#: CWTABFIRSTORDER  $7.48/10-pack
First Order Price Only

Please take an additional 50% off our 10-pack price on your first pack of our 10-pack Take & Bake Containers!

ClayLinks® Take & Bake Containers

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ClayLinks® Take & Bake Containers -- BULK

Item#: CWTAB50 $49.95/50-pack